Our Educational Methods Feature Thematic-Based Curriculum

New Creations uses a thematic-based curriculum that utilizes the cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and creative developmental areas. By creating a classroom varied with interest centers, learning games, class projects, and strong staff support, each area of development will be fostered and discovery and learning will take place in an exciting way. This gives children a solid foundation for learning and ensures that their earliest introductions to core educational concepts are reinforced with tangible examples.

Each of Our Day Care Programs Promotes Growth for Your Child

The child-oriented day care programs we offer are designed to provide continuity, shape, and direction to each child’s individual interests by encouraging their explorations of multiple subject areas. We believe that respecting and encouraging a child’s individuality promotes the development of the whole child. New Creations’ objectives are that every child has an opportunity to:

  • Participate in activities that are quiet and active, teacher-directed, child-initiated, and involve indoor and outdoor learning through the use of a variety of equipment and materials.
  • Work and play in a safe, loving atmosphere with children of the same age under direct supervision at all times.
  • Establish positive and caring relationships with both adults and other children.
  • Develop a curiosity for the world around them by asking questions, trying new ideas, providing input, and feeling good about their efforts of response.
  • Develop positive self-esteem, which allows independence in the pursuit of learning through problem solving and the confidence to try things on their own.
  • Challenge their physical and intellectual abilities.

Contact our staff when you have any inquiries regarding our thematic-based curriculum. We offer a unique learning opportunity to every child who visits our center.