Child care Curriculum with a faith-Base Promoting Cognitive Development

Here at New Creations, we integrate two to three domains into each activity of our curriculum to offer each child a rich multidisciplinary learning opportunity. For example, in a math learning center where the child is adding the red balls, we incorporate social (partner), physical (toss 4 red balls plus two blue balls into the bucket), and math (sorting the red and blue balls and counting the total) to give each child a well-rounded learning approach. We develop and implement our very own accredited, thematic-based curriculum aimed at nurturing the whole child. This is designed to encourage each child’s intellectual development, while providing basic social and emotional lessons. As each child participates in this curriculum, he/she is naturally exposed to skills that support his/her ongoing social/emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development.

When combined with a nurturing environment, these skills, intentional teaching practices, and meaningful relationships, support a child’s school readiness. That way, your child will be prepared for the classroom long before the first days of school begin. By utilizing programs that have been proven successful in educational institutions over the years, we offer a reliable system for introducing your children to core learning concepts at an early age. We are committed to giving each child a head start that provides them with a learning advantage to ensure that they will excel in their future educational pursuits.

Our Curriculum Teaches the Love of Christ

Our curriculum features a spiritual component that introduces children to the stories of the Bible and helps to further their relationship with Jesus. As a strong educationally focused center, we base our programs on the faith that serves as a foundation for our belief in Christ and His love. Because we believe in the importance of learning about Jesus at an early age, our curriculum includes lessons from the Bible to help your little ones understand the stories that are the cornerstones of the Christian faith. We do this by a monthly Bible story and memory verse, chaplain that visits the centers every other week, singing songs about our faith, and prayers before meals and during circle time.

With the knowledge of the Bible, we believe your child will have a better understanding of their faith that enhances their personal relationship with Jesus. As your child grows older, the lessons that they have learned will serve as a basis upon which they can build a solid spiritual connection with God and the world they live in every day. We value the importance of fellowship and accountability, and give your little one the confidence they need to share their faith with others. Feel free to reach out to us for more information about our curriculum, and we will be glad to provide the answers you need.

Contact us for more information about our child care curriculum. Our trained staff, led by our Classroom Development Director, provides exceptional care and education for your child.