New Creation's School-Age Summer Camp is back for 2022!   The program will run from June 14th - September 3rd!


New Creations School-Age Summer Camp is a high-quality, curriculum-driven program focused on developing each child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs. In order to build a solid foundation for lifelong learning, our summer camp program uses a thematic school age curriculum, in-house and off-siter field trips, science projects, engaging environments, interpersonal interactions and other best practice opportunities to foster critical thinking, deeper meaning and passionate learning. At New Creations we believe that each child is created by God to learn, grow and wonder.

engaging Learning ACTIVITIES!

Students will be immersed in learning activities throughout the day, especially on days where in-house and out of the center field trips are not occurring. These learning activities are such that follow the monthly/weekly theme and support the learning areas of mathematics, writing, science, and social studies.


Our in-house and off-site field trips have included Norm and the Science Spectacular, KidCreate, Bob the Beachcomber, Diggin' for Dinosaurs, Teacher Tank, Hooperina: Hula Hoop Workshop and Hula Hoop Show, Trash to Treasures, Bounce House, Color Run, and Snapology: Animal Robotics. These field trips are designed to compliment and enrich the curriculum, so that the student is wholly immersed in the month's theme. This is a great time to further explore, ask questions and go deeper in our desired learning targets.

accredited CURRICULUM!

New Creations Summer Camp 2022 monthly themes are: Eco Adventure, Land of Dinosaurs, Rainforest Galore!

June 2021 Calendar
Eco-Adventure: In the air, in the water, in the dirt. Join us as we discover and play through each of the eco-systems of Minnesota!

July 2021 Calendar
Land of the Dinosaurs: We are headed back to pre-historic times through the adventures of blasting volcanoes, Jurassic Lands, and colossal creatures!

August 2021 Calendar
Rainforest Galore: Join us as we fly through each layer of the rainforest. Come and uncover the secrets within each layer as we begin on the Forest Floor with Gorillas, Jaguars, and Tapirs and move our way up to the Emergent Layer with Macaws, Toucans, and the Infamous Squirrel Monkey. Let’s fly!

School-Age Summer Camp will be at 8 of our locations:

The tuition per week includes all meals, snacks, learning activities, in-house field trips, and exceptional care provided by our devoted teachers and support staff!

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